24H Motos Regulations

24H Motos Regulations


To qualify, all riders must complete at least five laps in an official session (free practice, qualifying and night practice).


For 2022, the FIM Track Racing Commission has decided to adjust the minimum qualifying time of 108% by differentiating the categories. For example, during qualifying, Superstock riders must set a lap time that is within 108% of the fastest Superstock rider’s time, and not the fastest rider in their session as was previously the case.

Starting grid

Grid positions are based on the average of the best times achieved by the three riders in the team during the qualifying sessions.

Pit lane speed

Limited to 60 kph.

Pit stops

  1. The engine must be switched off during a pit stop. It can be started up for a short while for testing and adjustment.
  2. During the pit stop, four people are permitted to work on the machine, including the rider if he/she takes part in the work. Inside the garage, the number of persons working on the motorcycle is not limited.
  3. Refuelling must take place after all other operations, with the machine on its stand. The rider must not be on the motorcycle during refuelling.
  4. Tyre warmers are allowed.
  5. To leave the pits, the rider on the machine can be assisted by two people pushing. Alternatively, the rider can use the machine’s starter. Use of an additional battery is forbidden.

Safety Car procedure

When it is decided to neutralise the race for safety reasons, two safety cars will enter the track with their orange revolving lights switched on. At the same time, the marshals will wave yellow flags and display boards marked “SC”. The riders must line up in a single file behind the safety cars, without overtaking them.

  1. Pit stops are permitted during safety car procedures. After stopping at the pits, riders may only rejoin the track when the green light at the pit lane exit is turned on for a 10-second period, 15 seconds after a safety car has passed. After this period, the pit lane exit will be closed once again (red light). Riders who have not left the pit lane will have to wait for the next group.
  2. Final lap under safety car procedure: the safety cars will complete a full lap of the circuit with their orange revolving lights switched off.
  3. During the safety car procedure, all laps completed will be counted as “race laps”.

Stop & Go penalty

The rider will be requested to stop in the Stop & Go area in the pit lane.

Once the team has been notified of the penalty, a yellow board displaying the rider’s number will be shown at the finish line. The rider has five laps in which to spot the yellow board and complete the penalty. Failure to do so will result in the rider being shown the black flag and disqualified.


The rider must cross the finish line on the track (not in the pit lane) within five minutes of the winner taking the chequered flag. The rider must be in contact with the machine.

The machine must have completed 75% of the number of laps covered by the winner.

Did you know?

Riders must be at least 18 years of age to compete in the 24H Motos.

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